About Me

James - UK Based Artist and Graphic Designer  

Hi guys! Thanks for visiting my store! I have always had a huge passion for art and darts and have always wanted to combine these two hobbies of mine to produce a range of artworks in a contemporary style that I can be proud to display. I hand-paint all my designs digitally in an abstract yet colourful style to create a certain vibrancy within all of my work. I aim to offer a wide collection of prints that can appeal to darts fans from around the world! I pride myself on the attention to detail that goes into each piece to ensure the greatest prints I can offer are available. If you would like to request a print to be added to the store, feel free to get in contact with me and I'll see what I can do!

Let me know also if you'd like any artwork in a different size. I'd be happy to help!

Contact me: contact@thedartist.co.uk